Don’t let this post distract you from Maribou’s Guest Post.

This is just to let you know that the next Babylonia post is probably about 34 hours to posting time.  In the meantime, watch astronaut Chris Hadfield be more awesome than you, and not just because he’s an astronaut so the comparison is already gamed in his favor:


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  1. Yes this is awesome cubed. The pix he has been taking for months have also been great.

  2. Aw man, for a second I thought this post was about the song “Oddity” by The Clean, which proved that pretty much the only rock lyrics you ever need are “All right”, “OK”, and “Oh yeah”.

    Also, I have had “Ashes to Ashes” stuck in my head for 24+ hours now, so I can tell you that things didn’t work out so well for Major Tom, unless he got into Space Rehab.

  3. This made me cry.

    Imagine that, Major Tom in space. Thank you, Chris Hadley.

  4. OH YAY. I was totally wishing I had posting privileges to post this, earlier today. Thanks, Patrick.

      • You know, a few weeks back when Maribou must have had some free time, because she spent a day or two commenting a lot (at least more than usual) over at the main site, I thought to myself, “I think threads are always better when that name shows up in them.” It stands to reason then that this blog, as good as it always is, would also be better with that name showing up on it.

          • You can console yourself that you still hold the lead in epic beardedness.

        • It wasn’t that I had free time. It was that I really really didn’t want to be writing my papers :D. But thank you.

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