After re- re- re- reading (and yet another clarification) I found that actually… you can get by with a low Wisdom anyway as an Unarmed Fighter, because it takes longer to get to the Wisdom-locked Feats.

And, besides which, I’m going with an Unarmed Fighter that’s more of a Shoot Wrestler than anything else, so the mystic-type stuff… is forever away if I ever bother to take it at all.

So I reverted to my original die roll set.  I took my Favored Class to be Fighter, which means I get either +1 hp per level or +1 skill rank, per level.  So I rolled my hit dice and totaled ’em up, and decided to take Toughness (which gave me 4 extra HP, +1 per level)… and the decided to take all extra HP for the Favored Class bonus.  The extra stat point I got at 4th level I plunked into WIS anyway, just for future value.  It’s a while until I get to Stunning Blow, but I’ll get there eventually.

For my feats, I just took all combat related feats.  I might get more diverse as I go along, but at this stage of the game… he’s the Brute Squad.  The minotaur race in Avlis all have Greek-sounding names, so I picked out a moniker.  His favorite two tactics are overrun all the bodyguards and impale the most dangerous looking opponent on his horns, or grapple a baddie down to the ground and hogtie ’em or gore ’em to death.  He can absorb a lot of damage for a 4th level character.

Still working on the Backstory with Nob.  No equipment or goodies yet, but the nice thing about this guy is that he can function even without gear…


Level : 4
Class : Fighter (Unarmed Archetype), Favored Class
Race  : Minotaur

STR: 20 (+5 STR modifier)
INT: 15 (+3 INT modifier)
WIS: 12 (+1 WIS modifier)
DEX: 15 (+3 DEX modifier)
CON: 14 (+2 CON modifier)
CHR: 16 (+3 CHR modifier)

Hit Dice : 4d10+16 (6/9/4/8) = 43
Base Attack Bonus: +4
Attack Bonus (melee): +9
Attack Bonus (ranged): +6
Armor Class: 10 + 2 (hide) + 3 (DEX)
Damage Reduction: see below


Medium Size
Base Speed: 30 feet
Darkvision: 30 feet
Intimidating: Minotaurs are scary to behold and get a +2 racial bonus to Intimidate and Bluff checks.
Tough hide: Natural armor +2
Horns: Natural Weapon, 1d6 + STR bonus (+5)
When charging, the horns do 2d6 + STR bonus x 1.5 (+8)
A minotaur can attack with its weapon (or fists) at full attack bonus, and also with its horns as a secondary natural attack.  When used this way, Secondary Natural Attack: -5 to hit, half STR bonus to damage (1d6 + 3)


Light Armor Proficiency

  • No Penalties on Attack Rolls when wearing Light Armor

Improved Unarmed Strike

  • Always Considered Armed
  • Can deal lethal or nonlethal damage while unarmed

Harsh Training

  • +1 bonus on saving throws against effects that cause the Exhausted, Fatigued, or Staggered conditions, or temporary penalties to ability scores

Tough Guy

  • DR/— equal to half his fighter level (DR/2) against nonlethal damage or damage taken while he is grappled

Dragon Style

  • +2 SAV vs. Sleep, Stun, Paralysis
  • Ignore Terrain when Charge, Run, or Withdrawing
  • Can Charge through squares containing allies
  • First unarmed strike of a round gets + 1.5 x STR bonus damage (+8)


Improved Grapple

  • Do not provoke attack of opportunity when grappling
  • +2 to grapple
  • +2 to break/avoid grapple

Improved Overrun

  • Do not provoke attack of opportunity when overrunning
  • +2 to overrun
  • +2 to avoid being overrun
  • targets cannot choose to avoid; if attack succeeds CMB by 5+, knocked prone

Power Attack

  • Can take -2 to hit penalty in exchange for +4 to damage
  • Damage bonus x 1.5 (+6) if using two-handed weapon or primary natural weapon with 1.5x STR modifier to damage rolls (e.g., horns while charging).  Damage bonus halved (+2) if using secondary natural weapon (e.g., horns when not charging, fists).


  • +3 HP, +1 per hit die above 3 (+4 total)

SKILLS (total 20 ranks)

Acrobatics (DEX, 5 ranks) +8
Climb (STR, 1 rank, class skill) +8
Heal (WIS, 2 ranks) +3
Intimidate (CHA, 4 ranks, racial bonus, class skill) +12
Knowledge [engineering] (INT, 1 rank, class skill) +5
Perception (WIS, 1 rank) +2
Stealth (DEX, 4 ranks) +7
Survival (WIS, 1 rank, class skill) +5
Swim (STR, 1 rank, class skill) +8


Patrick is a mid-40 year old geek with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a master's degree in Information Systems. Nothing he says here has anything to do with the official position of his employer or any other institution.


  1. My character, as previously described:

    I don’t think my character had any aspirations to join the navy. I’m pretty interested in the theoretical side of magic. Just that description of Andarr suggests that most Academy-trained wizards serve aboard ships, so it seems wind magic would be the sort of thing a body could focus on as a course of study.

    I figure I’m maybe a little seasick, even. For all that I spend teaching a bunch of future sailors how to cast feather fall, I’m at my happiest sitting at a desk in the north library writing papers along the lines of “Constructive interference in artificially created patterns of air pressure” or “Practice of Lightning magic in the first century O.D.”

    Str 14 +2
    Dex 15 +2
    Con 08 -1
    Int 18 +4 (15 +2 racial +1 at level 4)
    Wis 15 +2
    Cha 11 +0

    BAB +2

    Fort +0 = +1 class -1 con
    Ref +3 = +1 class +2 dex
    Will +6 = +4 class +2 wis

    Class Abilities
    -Arcane Bond
    -Arcane School (Air)

    Skills: (25 skill points, including favored class bonus)
    Diplomacy +4 = 4 ranks +0 cha
    Knowledge (Arcana) +13 = 4 ranks +3 class +4 int +2 scholar
    Knowledge (History) +10 = 3 ranks +3 class +4 int
    Knowledge (Nature) +11 = 4 ranks +3 class +4 int
    Knowledge (Planes) +13 = 4 ranks +3 class +4 int +2 scholar
    Linguistics +8 = 2 ranks +3 class +4 int
    Spellcraft +11 = 4 ranks +3 class +4 int

    Level 1: Scholar
    Human Bonus: Cypher Script
    Wizard Bonus: Scribe Scroll
    Level 3: Spell Mastery

    • Still have to do equipment, including the all-important spell book. I feel like the true strength of the wizard is their versatility–The Cypher Script feat lets me fit more spells into my spellbook for cheaper. And I’ll be playing the kind of wizard who leaves half his spells slots empty at the beginning of the day so he can just sit down for fifteen minutes and prepare the perfect spell for the job one he knows what he’s dealing with.

      I’m not sure whether I want a familiar or a bonded item. The familiar (who would be a hawk named Erasmus, obviously) would surely be cooler than a bonded item. But I worry I’ll just forget about him as a character. The bonded item will be less interesting, but probably more mechanically useful.

      Nob, if you’re reading this, what’s the tradition among the spellcasters of the seven cities? Familiar? or bonded item (and if so, which items are traditional)?

      • Did you pick your favored class? Don’t forget that bonus if you didn’t…

        • Favored class is, of course, wizard. It’s factored into my skill points.

  2. When at last my work is done tonight I shall sit down and go through a similar exercise. Naming may well be the biggest challenge.

    • Yeah, props to Patrick on that one. Konstantinos is golden.

      My own though process was: Andarr and the Seven Cities -> Rennaisance Italian City States -> Shakespeare Plays -> Midsummer Night’s Dream

  3. Well, this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I’ve got a back story and a character profile well in mind. Being a Wizard’s Academy washout, he started out as a sorcerer, and has 1 level in that, and the remainder, which I think is 4 levels, in rogue. I chose “human” for race.

    When I sat down to roll attirubtes, I decided to put 4d6 in everything except Dexterity and Charisma which would get 6d6, and got these results:
    STR: 6, 2, 6, 5. Awesome! I wasn’t counting on the guy being buff but that’s good!
    DEX: 6, 4, 6, 1, 4, 2. Awesome again! A rogue is going to need more than this, but there are two bonus points to add here.
    CON: (come on, hit points!) 2, 3, 1, 5. Ooh. Not so awesome.
    INT: 3, 3, 6, 6. This kid could have made it in wizard’s school if he’d only applied himself…
    WIS: 4, 3, 1, 1. …But you see, he didn’t apply himself, and here’s why.
    CHA: 3, 5, 5, 4, 4, 6. And my can he be charming when he wants to be!
    So that’s base scores of:
    STR: 17
    DEX: 16 (+2 racial bonus for 18)
    CON: 10
    INT: 15
    WIS: 8
    CHA: 16

    From there it’s not clear how I proceed. If I read the rules right, I have 63 skill points to allocate, and 3 feats? And skills don’t really go to combat but mainly to the rogue-type stuff I’m doing; feats seem to go to combat. Is all this right?

    Then I have to pick the minimal spells left over from the beginner’s experience at the wizard’s academy, hit points… what else do I do?

    So, that’s as far as I got.

    • Pat built a 4th-level character. Last I remember, Nob said 3-5 so I just followed his lead.

      I count 38 skill points for a 4th-level character, or 49 for a 5th. ( 2 class + 2 int + 1 human at first level, and 8 class + 2 int + 1 human for subsequent levels). You also get to choose a favored class, and for each level you take of that class you either get an extra skill point or an extra hit point.

    • INT: 15
      WIS: 8

      Sounds like the stereotypical Caltech undergrad.

    • Burt:

      You have 12k XP to spend, if Nob hasn’t changed his mind. The XP table is here. We’re “Medium” progression.

      You switch when you gain a level. So your XP distribution would look like this:

      Start as Level 1 Sorcerer. Gain 2,000 XP. Instead of going to Level 2 Sorcerer, your character started over as a Level 1 Rogue. The remaining 10,000 XP goes into Rogue, so you’re:


      You need to pick a Favored Class (I’d recommend Rogue unless you’re planning on going back to Sorcerer some day). Whichever one you pick, your Favored Class gives you either +1 HP or +1 Skill Rank per level progression. If I were you, I’d take Favored Class: Rogue and dump all the bonuses into +4 HP.

      You start off with all your Sorcerer stuff: +2 Will Save, Bloodline Power, Cantrips, Eschew Materials, 1d6 Hit Points, you know 4 Cantrips, 2 1st level Spells, and you can cast 3 spell levels per day. You get 1 Feat at first level.

      You have to choose your Bloodline Power (you don’t get the Bonus Feats, those come at 7th level and above).

      You start with 2 skill levels, plus your INT modifier (+3), so 5 skill levels. If you put those 4 skill levels into Sorcerer Class Skills (I’d highly recommend!) you get +3 for ’em instead of only +1.

      So then you switch to Rogue, instead of going to level 2 Sorcerer. This means you now cut over to the Rogue path, and you get all the Rogue stuff, at level 1… namely:

      Sneak Attack and Trapfinding, 1d8 HP, a new Feat, 8+INT skill levels (11 total), access to the Rogue Class Skills (so of those 11 skill levels, if you put them into a Rogue Class skill, you get the extra one-time bonus of +3… but you *don’t* get the bonuses any more for Sorcerer Class skills).

      You then level up to level 4 Rogue, which gives you… let’s just sum it up to make it easier…

      11 x 3 more = 33 more skill levels, for a total of 44 from Rogue, and 5 from Sorcerer
      1d6 + 4d8 HP
      +4 Reflex Save (Rogue), +3 Will Save (+2 from Sorcerer, +1 from Rogue), and +1 Fort Save
      Base Attack Bonus +3
      Two Rogue Talents (one from level 2, one from level 4, I recommend Trap Spotter for 1)
      Sneak Attack does +2d6
      Uncanny Dodge
      Trap sense +1
      A total of 4 Feats (1 from 1st level Sorcerer, 1 from 1st level Rogue, 1 from 3rd level Rogue, you get these from leveling in any class)
      +1 to any one Ability Attribute (you get this from getting to 4th level in any class)

      Most of the Feats are either Combat-focused or meta-defensive/movement in nature. I like Run a lot, for example (going to take it eventually).

      • That +1 to any one Ability Attribute?

        If you put it in STR, you cross over to 18 which gives you +1 additional STR modifier
        If you put it in INT, you cross over to 16 which gives you +1 additional INT modifier
        * (this would give you one more skill rank to spend, but you have a ton already)
        If you put it in any of your other abilities, it doesn’t change anything right now.

        Me, if I were you, I’d spend it on DEX and spend all the other ones you get, from henceforth, on DEX.

      • Awesome. And I intend to follow (nearly) all of those suggestions. So once I fill all that out, pick the skills to allocate those 49 points in, and roll a few more dice, I’ve got what I need to get going?

        • Everything except your bonus gear, but that’s up to Nob. 🙂

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