Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Wooooo!!!! Three day weekend!!! Now, I did not, in fact, win the Powerball as I had planned last weekend and, as such, will not be doing many of the things I had hoped to be doing this weekend but the part of the plan that involves *NOT* using an alarm clock all three days will be in full effect. The problem is that it will have to be turned on again. Dangit.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sitting on the porch on Friday night with my lovely wife and toasting in the weekend and, on Saturday night, playing games with a group of friends in a basement. Sunday will be spent doing laundry as if it were any other day… allowing Monday to be a day out of time… followed by a mere four-day week at work! WOOOOO!!!!

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Soccer Friday night, hopefully followed by joining y’all on the porch. Also, finished In the First Circle today. Very strong finish!

  2. So… what’s on your docket?

    Duh. Indy 500. If you don’t watch you hate America and the terrorists win.

    FIL/MIL arrive to steal daughter number two and hide her out in California for the summer.

    Finish redoing the kitchen wall exterior. Today we removed the old siding, improved the insulation, fixed some wood rot, rerouted some wiring, and got the Tyvek on. New siding and paint to complete the job, as soon as the weather allows.

    • Also, tell everyone I know about this game Kickstarter. The gaming convention I help run holds a game design competition every year. The most recent winner, Stones of Fate, just launched its Kickstarter.

  3. I forgot that Monday was a holiday until a few days ago. I need to come up with something because I always take advantage of every possible opportunity to get together with friends and family. It’s just another gem my mentor who passed away a few months ago gave to me. I don’t have any Sunday plans either.

    Saturday I was going to meet with a running club, but the ex has given me an extra half day with Junior, so ill be doing that in the morning instead. In the afternoon I’m working (while going to a movie and dinner, but I will be “on the clock”) and hitting the gym.

  4. Saturday is the wife’s end of year show for the studio so Friday and Saturday I play teamster and stage hand and get to see a really fun little dance recital. Sunday is a nephew’s wedding in New Orleans so we are going to the big city. We will stay at our youngest kid’s house the night of the wedding. Who wants to drive eighty miles after a reception?

  5. My plans for this weekend have morphed a few times.
    I think tonight I am taking myself out for dinner and a movie (Indian and Star Trek, respectively). I may put the movie off until tomorrow.
    Over Saturday and Sunday, I will try to finish my dad’s Father’s Day gift (painting some fishing lures).
    Monday, I will probably spend some time playing DnD with my son.

  6. I’m on the porch. Last night I hung out with some good friends and their friends, who are also neighbors, playing Munchkin and Cards against Humanity until very early in the morning when I walked home, then a few hours later I walked to work, where I was from 7:30-5. Tonight is… the porch. Tomorrow is chores and clean living until 3ish, when I am getting a large and deeply-meaningful-to-me tattoo (unless I chicken out at the last minute). Sunday, taking one of my favorite people out for birthday dinner and a movie in company with one of my other favorite people. Monday… IS STILL THE WEEKEND AND WILL BE ALL SUMMER. Fuck yeah, summer hours.

    • Please please please throw me a bone and tell me a lite bit about the tattoo. I love tattoos and very rarely see them talked about here.

      • I asked her about this and she said that she’s not wanting to talk on the internet today. (She’s kind of focused.)

        As such, I’ll tell you about mine:

        Well, I don’t exactly *HAVE* a tattoo. I just know that, someday, when I get one, what it will be. A bar code on the top of the back of my neck. (I’ve been told it’s cliche… but, I understand, it’s okay for old people to do that sort of thing.)

        I just haven’t found a bar code that sings to me just yet.

        • My brother’s barcode is his social security number. I wouldn’t recommend that. I know peoe with barcode a, but none of them have them on their neck.

          I’ve only got two so far. They’re on my back. I’ve got two more in mind, but I’m not sure where I’ll put them. If you haven’t found a barcode you like, you might try finding the artist first. Describe what you want. If they can do it, go for it. That’s what I did (I’ve heard many success stories) with my brother’s memorial tattoo and I couldn’t be happier.

          • No, it’s not mine, but it’s one I thought Jaybird would like. I have no ink.

            If I did, this might be it, though.

          • It’s nice, kinda computery. It’d need to be a quarter of that size, though and probably directly in the back of my head.

          • (I also make the old joke of getting a tattoo of a butt on my butt and Maribou googled that and found a tattoo of a butt on a guy’s butt and the tattoo of the butt had a tattoo of a butt on its butt. MIND BLOWN. I was tempted to get one with butts all the way down but, honestly, there are only so many people that I show my butt to.)

      • It’s a very close reproduction of Tenniel’s sleeping gryphon, reference drawn from a scan my friend the special collections librarian did for me of the image in a first edition of Alice in Wonderland, and it’s centered on my chest. Very dark cherry-brown ink.

        • Pics next week-ish? I don’t want to have the typical still-puffy tattoo photo :).

          • Congrats! Is this your first? I can’t wait for the pic(s)!

        • I regret that Tenniel didn’t also illustrate Sylvie and Bruno.

          Imagine if the illustration to

          He thought he saw a Buffalo
          Upon the chimney-piece:
          He looked again, and found it was
          His Sister’s Husband’s Niece.
          ‘Unless you leave this house,’ he said,
          ‘I’ll send for the Police!’

          instead of being a buffalo by Furniss:

          had been a bison-Tenniel.

  7. No big plans. I need to get a move on some of my geeky projects so that it’s all done before the next move. My primary desktop reboots randomly. In some ways, that’s worse than having a computer that doesn’t work at all.

      • I agree. While you’re busy checking system and processor fans, have a look at the fan on your video card, too. The processors on those things can get fantastically hot (er…pun?)!

        • Hadn’t thought of the video card. No fan on it, so short of replacement I am not sure what I can do.

          I’m actually going that it’s bad memory or a bad processor because this I can more easily replace without increasing the volume of an already loud box.

          • I believe that’s why 3-speed inducer fans are available for cabinets, for times like these.

  8. we are going to the big apple circus monday. it is good times. ringling is hella corporate.

  9. Friends are en route for our Second Annual Memorial Day Cookout. With Mayonnaise on board, it will have a slightly different tone, but one we welcome. I was up at 5AM getting the pork butt onto the grill/smoker and look forward to adding that to the usual docket of burgers and dogs. The rain has finally passed and it thankfully should be a dry day, albeit a cool and windy one.

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