Remember Me is, I’ve concluded, really good. Half of it, you’ve played before. Jumping around on buildings like Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia, getting in fights and perfecting your combos like Assassin’s Creed or God of War, cut scenes between to take you on a dystopian storyline… this is well-trod ground and Remember Me handles it competently. There are pretty much two things that the game does that I’ve not seen before:

1) The combos are combos like you’d expect (X, X, X or Y, X, Y, X, Y) but you can choose what you want each individual blow to do… for example, in my game, I’ve set X, X, X to be my “heal myself” combo. If I find myself in trouble, the Xes are the “heal me” Xes. Y, X, Y, X, Y is set to be the FORCE OVERWHELMING combo. This is the combo where each blow does a great deal of damage culminating in a *HUGE* amount. But, if I were so inclined, I could swap these keys around and make it so that the former was a power combo and the latter was the healing combo.

2) Remixing Memories. This is the dynamic that sold me on the game in the first place and, jeez, it’s *REALLY* awesome. You only do it a handful of times, though. You go into the various memories of people and, by changing their memories, you change how they see the world. Turn an enemy into a friend, say. (There’s a scene where you use the trick to, effectively, commit murder. This scene is downright chilling.) I’m sure that Remember Me 2 (Ugh, I hope they don’t call it that) will have six or seven of these scenes rather than just four.

And “The Last Of Us” is set up to be played right after that.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. I was away from my computer on vacation, so I spent some time with iPad games. I got back into Elder Sign: Omens, trying to defeat Ithaqua. I have not yet been successful. I also played some Eclipse (board game port), though I have not really gotten the meat of it yet. The best I have done is 2nd place against 3 Peaceful AI opponents.

    I also got to teach my parents how to play King of Tokyo.

    • Have you tried “Little Inferno”? It’s one heck of an iPad game, if you ask me.

      It’s the perfect “I’ve had a scotch and soda and am thiiiiis close to falling asleep and just need a little something to hold my hand as I slowly nod off” game.

      • I played through it a while back. It was enjoyable, though I do not see myself replaying it. I did not get the “ticket” ending, but I did watch it on youtube.

        • I got back from our Saturday Night Gaming and we played Eclipse.

          The first game, we played through two turns to establish what was going on, wiped the slate clean, then played through a full game.

          It’s my new #2 game (after Lords of Waterdeep). It’s really cool.

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