Some days you just want to veg out

After a long night with less sleep than I would really have preferred, followed by a long day of uncooperative and disappointing clients being deposed, getting soaked in a sudden thunderstorm, and pummelled by oppressive heat, I just want to goof off when I get home. Fortunately, the grass is heavy and wet from the squall line that ran through the area earlier, so I have a good excuse not to mow the grass (and the front lawn’s in good shape anyway). Also fortunately, The Wife just wanted to goof off too; she has been puttering around a little bit upstairs but also wanted to get a quick dinner out and watch TV for a while. So I played a silly video game on the computer while she watched a TV show about buying a house or redecorating a house or something like that, and we cleaned up a bit to get the house in shape for my mom staying over tomorrow night before her flight back to Connecticut. I owe the blog a book review of Eragon, but I’m just not motivated to do it right now. Later. Saturday, probably. Anyway, it’s time to shut down the shop for the evening.

Burt Likko

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