Cause for Hope

Last Friday, I had to appear in Federal court at a hearing on a motion for summary judgment. The motion involved some complex issues of civil procedure as well as some technical issues of scientific fact.

I loved it. I had fun arguing it and I had fun preparing for it. It was challenging to lock wits with other attorneys who I respect and who have powerful research and rhetorical skills. The judge asked everyone good questions, including me, and if I hadn’t prepared, I’d have been eaten alive. Instead of sinking, I swam with sharks and emerged unscathed.

It helps my mood that today, I got the Court’s ruling. My side got what I asked for, at least the most important part of it. The war isn’t over, but this battle is won.

And, it’s confirmation of my own abilities and aptitude for the profession. I like it and I’m good at it. If only there were more motions and hearings and complex issues and good intellectual subjects for me to think about and research and strategize over and immerse myself in learning, I’d really be enjoying this job. It seems that hearings of this nature are just a spice dish compared to the meat-and-potatoes work here. The resumes and cover letters I am sending out contain a statement that is very true: “I seek a new position which will challenge me intellectually.”

Research, learning, writing, argument… that’s what this is job should be all about. If only there were more of it.

Burt Likko

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