Mediocrity Triumphant

It’s end of September, and a thoroughly disgusting season for Dodger fans draws to a close. Congratulations to the San Diego Padres for clinching the National League West pennant, and breaking above the .500 record. They finish their regular season with a three-game series against my Los Angeles Dodgers, and enter that with a record of 80-79. If the Dodgers sweep, San Diego could be the first team to ever play in the postseason with a losing record.

Not much danger of that, though — the Dodgers have managed exactly one sweep all season, a three-game series against the only team in the West with a worse record than Los Angeles — the Colorado Rockies. They managed to pull this off on May 1 (152 days ago) and have had exactly one three-game winning streak since then. I know the Padres aren’t exactly the 1927 New York Yankees, but these Dodgers couldn’t sweep San Diego by Sunday if you surgically attached the broom to their arms.

The only real action in baseball is taking place in Boston this weekend, with an important undercard going on in Cleveland, with the potential for a three-way tie between Cleveland, Boston, and New York and two intercalary games between the regular and post seasons. The winner of the Yankees-Sox series will be the heavy favorite to win the World Series.

…Sorry about that last link, but I couldn’t resist.

Burt Likko

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