Hate To Say I Told You So

As I told you all would happen, Green Bay beat the NFC-leading Seattle Seahawks in the last game of the season and what may be the last game of Brett Favre’s (all hail) career. My upset special comes through. And, as I also told you all would happen way back in September, the Packers wound up having a 4-12 season.

Oh, the playoffs, you say? I like Seattle and Indianapolis to win their respective conferences. Easy to pick because they’re both the #1 seeds with home-field advantage, but Seattle will have to get past a surprisingly tough Bears defense (31-10), and Indianapolis will have to beat the Bengals, which will be a shootout for the ages (48-44). I’m not ready to call the Extra-Large Bowl yet but hopefully once the move is complete I’ll be able to actually watch some football on the weekends again.

Burt Likko

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