Electricitus Interruptus

California has been in the midst of a heat wave. It got up to 119 degrees in Woodland Hills yesterday. A lot of heat means a lot of demand for electricity to keep buildings cool and, at that point, safe for human habitation. As a result, there have been losses of power all over the state for about a week now. And, the heat and some unusual humidity has caused thundershowers to form in my neck of the woods.

Just as buildings in Tennessee are not made to withstand significant earthquakes, things in the desert are not made to withstand thunderstorms — or in the cities, heat this intense. Here in the desert, yes, but electrical power demand applies everywhere.

This has affected me in two ways — the heat made travel on Saturday less enjoyable (see above) and the interruptions in electric service knocks out my internet service. I need to re-start both the modem and the router after service gets knocked out, and yesterday, something went fubar at the cable company and we were without internet for most of the day. So, no posting, no teaching. When we finally did get service back, I had to make my students my top priority and over 120 messages had stacked up.

We all are hoping for some relief to the heat, but it’s simply not likely to happen for at least the next few days.

Burt Likko

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