There’s Always Something To Do

It’s been an extraordinarily busy week. My friend, who recruited me to back come out to California, enjoyed an expansion of his family last weekend. Like the other lawyers in the office, I have been helping cover his work while he is at home with his wife and newborn son. Causing further demands on my time have been trial preparation, my class, video games, and home life with The Wife and the critters.

The Wife ordered us a DVR from our cable company, and now, there is always something good to watch on TV. I programmed a ton of educational shows to watch, and The Wife has some interest in some of them; the hour-long photo essay about national parks in Utah does not interest her but the histories of Catherine the Great and the decline of the Roman Empire do. That’s in addition to our usual fare of “Raptor Island” and “Manticore” on Sci-Fi.

And now, The Wife’s idea of a good time on Labor Day weekend is to build a coffee table. I was reluctant to go along with this at first, but I must admit that now that we’re moving along in the project, I’m enjoying it. We spent about $160 at Home Depot buying materials and we stained everything tonight. Tomorrow it should all be dry and we’ll assemble the pieces. When it’s done, we hope, we’ll have an ottoman-level table for use in our living room with a detailed top featuring a map of the world, with extra storage space built in to it. It’s going to look quite nice, I think. I’m glad The Wife kicked my butt into doing something productive instead of just sitting around playing with the critters.

So apologies for the lack of posts, but sometimes you’ve gotta live your life for a while before you can write about it.

Burt Likko

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