Once or twice a year, I suffer a set of precursors to migraine headaches. I think I’ve got some of those going on right now.

My head has been in pain for a while, localized to the orbits of my right eye socket. I had an attack of blind spots earlier this evening and was inappropriately irritable. And I’ve been lethargic for about six hours after waking up with every intention of getting some exercise today. I suspect last night’s sleeplessness was related to this, also. So far, though, no nausea or intolerance for light or sound.

Hopefully, this is as far as it gets; I do not want the full-on migraine. The pain and disorientation can be debilitating. I haven’t ever had any medication that makes it go away. And I’d rather do that exercise I wanted to do tomorrow rather than the day after.

Burt Likko

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