Not Likely To Be Popular In Falls Church

I’m sure that our friends in Virginia, who are mostly Democrats, will not be happy about this. Or maybe they will, for reasons of strategic advantage to Democrats since they would surely like to see strength siphoned away from stronger GOP candidates and make the field easier for a Democrat in the long run. I recall they had nothing at all good to say about Jim Gilmore, from his governing style to his administrative skills to his choice of ties and shoelaces.

Burt Likko

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  1. Actually, once we got over being incredulous that he would even consider thinking about running, we realized we were very happy. Because he is supremely unqualified for the position and would be lucky to poll at 1 percent, all he can do is snipe at his primary competition and sow further seeds of dissent. I still giggle every time I see his name attached to the list of presidential candidates.Now Mark Warner? That’s another story altogether.

  2. I figured you for being savvy enough to cheer on this development. Much like we on the other side of the aisle have been snickering indiscreetly about David Geffen’s recent antics.

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