Wages of Demagoguery

One of the world’s leading challengers to U.S. hegemony demonstrated his strength and grasp over power today by shutting down a TV station that aired points of view in opposition to his own.

It is no coincidence that nations unfortunate enough to see a consolidation of power in the hands of their executives also see the voices of opposition political thinkers censored and silenced. And it is no coincidence that such nations wind up with leaders who have no respect for the rule of law and arrogate dictatorial powers for themselves.

We are not immune from this disease ourselves. It is easy to remember that we have enemies who would take our freedoms from us. It is more difficult, but equally important, to remember that we must protect those freedoms ourselves. We in the United States may find ourselves the target of many of the attacks of such nations, for ever has the United States been the enemy of tyrants and despots.

Today we rightly thank and honor those who laid down their lives for this country and the principles of individual liberty and limited, divided government upon which it was founded. Let us not disrespect their memories by becoming what they fought against.

Burt Likko

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