So You Want To Be A Judge, Huh?

I got this message in my e-mail today:

California Attorneys:

Creating a more diverse judiciary in the state of California is imperative. I am writing to invite you and your colleagues to participate in a dynamic workshop to guide interested attorneys through the judicial application process for Superior Court Appointment.

This event is specially designed for minority attorneys who are serious about applying for judgeship and are ready to begin the application process. As you may know, one of the biggest hurdles in the process is completing the written application. The highlight of this workshop is an application clinic, in which a panel of invited judges will guide participants through each topical section of their draft applications. The clinic will be followed by a Q&A for individual questions to be addressed by the panel.

The Judgeship Workshop will be held on:
Monday, September 17, 2007
Inglewood City Hall
One West Manchester Blvd.
Community Room, 1st Floor

Attendees are asked to bring their draft applications to the workshop; they may download the application at the following link: Attached is the event flyer. Please share this information with your colleagues.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact my District Director, [omitted]

Curren D. Price, Jr.
51st Assembly District

I don’t doubt Assemblyman Price’s good faith in his desire to see a more diverse bench. But as I’ve noted before, increasing diversity for diversity’s sake on the bench is at best a misprioritization and may well not be warranted at all even under the most favorable views of promoting racial and gender equality. I would very much like to get the advice of the people who are, apparently, knowledgeable about the process of becoming a judge. But given the content of this e-mail, I’m not at all sure that a white male like me would be welcome.

Burt Likko

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  1. Do we really want judges of any stripe who can’t fill out a questionnaire without help?

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