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A documentary about my life over yesterday and today will have covered the six major activities that consume the bulk of my existence:

1. Working on my new house. Yesterday The Wife and I painted kitchen cabinet doors and ceiling trim.

2. Cooking. I prepared two quiches for the potluck breakfast for Bosses’ Day.

3. Practicing law. I’ve got my hands full with a couple of cases that I don’t want to go sideways on me, and I have to juggle all the facts and procedural maneuvering of the various parties to my client’s advantage.

4. Volunteer judging. I’m sitting in traffic court this afternoon, hearing trials.

5. Teaching. I start a 21-student class tonight at one of the local career colleges.

6. Writing on this blog. I’ve managed to satisfy my graphophila nicely over the past few days.

Burt Likko

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  1. teaching– When you cannot make it to class, do you email your students ahead of time? Thank you

  2. I try to let my students know, yes; e-mail is not always the most effective way to do that. I had a bad moment on that score last week, but that’s a subject for a post by itself.

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