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In preparation for this week’s poll here on Not A Potted Plant, I’ve readied some pictures of the spouses of the varioius Presidential candidates. Important stuff here:

Ann Romney:

Michelle Obama:

Cindy McCain:
Judith Giuliani:

Janet Huckabee:

Elizabeth Edwards:
Bill Clinton:

Burt Likko

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  1. That’s very funny. I think we all join in mourning the absence of Mrs. Kucinich and Mrs. Thompson. Cindy McCain is a damned fine-looking woman in the mature category.

  2. Every one of the spouses is definitely qualified to be an excellent first lady. With the exception of Bill. If Hillary is elected, I think he is going to end up being a liability, and a self-appointed non-elected embarrassment-prone representative of the executive branch of the government. I am also a bit disappointed with the superficial nature of presenting the candidates’ spouses, in high contrast to the in-depth analysis you made of the substance of each candidate.

  3. I was discussing this morning if President Clinton can run for Vice-President? I said no. He was elected and served two terms VP would but him in line and he can’t say I won’t serve. I also thought what would stop President in running as VP when their VP ran for President. Bush runs and Reagan is his VP or Gore runs and CLinton is his VP. Time to check the Constitution.

  4. The superficiality of the analysis of the would-be First Spousess is congruent with the superficiality of the question posed about them. Whatever their merits would be as First Ladies (or in Clinton’s case, as the First Gentleman), all I’ve asked is how attractive they are. I think we’ve got a pretty good crop in that respect, and as Michael points out, had Elizabeth Kucinich and Jeri Thompson stayed in the running, standards would hardly have diminished (although I suspect Elizabeth Kucinich would have been the heavy favorite).

  5. Aside from the legitimate concern you raise, zzi, the President and Vice-President also must come from different states. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are residents of New York.

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