A Difficult Claim To Double-Blind Test

Can you really tell the future using asparagus? This doesn’t seem like it would be any more accurate than any other kind of augury (which is to say, as good as or slightly worse than chance). But then again, I don’t know how one would structure a double-blind test to really verify whether asparagus thrown on the floor can accurately predict the future any more than, for instance, a magic 8-ball.

Burt Likko

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  1. I count five 3/14 posts and none about Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright.

  2. I tried asking the Magic 8-Ball “Should TLL write a blog about Jeremiah Wright?”, and the 8-Ball said “definitely not!”

  3. The Magic Eight-Ball is right. Rev. Wright seems to have said some unpleasant-sounding things but in the few stories I’ve read (I haven’t followed the story super closely) they seem inflammatory but not completely indefensible. Anyway, Obama cut him loose, so that’s that.Come on, people, this woman thinks she can predict the future with a vegetable. That’s endlessly amusing.

  4. Anyway, Obama cut him loose, so that’s that.I can get 900 words out of using “Under God” in the pledge and when a minister utters “Not God bless America. God damn America!” I get a simple “so that’s that”

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