Sitting Outside

The Wife was watching a TV show on her computer, and the volume was really loud. With lots of people shouting. And I just wanted to go out and write, and think about my presentation Wednesday, and so I took the computer outside to the back patio. Here I sit, under the paper lanterns on our new chaise lounges, in temperatures in the mid 60’s, typing and blogging and enjoying the fresh air all the while. That, and watching the dogs wrestle with each other out on the lawn. They’ve been begging for treats since I got home from work and started writing, but it’s not time yet.

When there’s no traffic, I can hear the frogs croaking and owls chirping. When there is traffic, yeah, that’s a little bit annoying, but I can generally deal. And there’s this yappy little snack dog across the street that offers its opinion on things from time to time. Sassafrass gets excited and runs around whenever she hears the dog yap. It smells nice, too. There isn’t that much wind and there isn’t that much smog. The air smells clean, and I like it. And right now, no plants seem to be shedding pollen, so I’m not suffering from any kind of allergy outburst.

A very pleasant night.

The Wife thinks it’s too damn cold to sit outside for any reason, but I’m glad I ignored her. After putting in all that work on making our back yard nice, and even buying the house based on the strength of the nice back yard, I’m going to enjoy it now that the weather is turning nice. Spring doesn’t last real long here in the desert, and it’s starting to turn in to summer, so if I’m going to enjoy being outside, now is the time to do it.

Burt Likko

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