Google Gives Results You Don’t Always Expect

My Google blog reader is continually suggesting new and different blogs for me to read. For three days now, it’s been trying to steer me towards Half Sigma, who I sometimes participate in commenting on at the quirky and intellectually challenging blog bobvis. Either HS has a bigger audience than I thought or maybe there is some dovetailing going on. I dunno exactly what this means.

Burt Likko

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  1. HS’s alexa ranking is 260,513. The quirky bobvis definitely is quirky. It ranks: 3,086,757. (, for comparison, ranks 2.)You compare favorably, by the way, at 2,171,142.Alexa, by the way, kind of sucks at actually comparing traffic. It’s based on your number of users that use the Alexa toolbar. I don’t use it, so you don’t get any credit from my visiting your site.A lot of my traffic originates from HS, so I guess that’s why the tie comes up. I’m surprised by it too though. Neither of us links to each other all that much.

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