Grilled Cheese Night

The Wife and I were going to meet a friend at the art museum last night to tour some exhibits and have dinner together. However, we were all trapped on this side of the Newhall Pass by a wildfire that closed down the freeway. So instead, we met here at Soffit House for gourmet grilled cheese night. A trip to TJ’s got lots of good cheeses and a very nice soup. At the end of the exercise, I was torn between gruyere and havarti for the best sandwiches.

The chocolate fondue we tried to make for dessert did not work out so well. The chocolate burned and curdled a little bit, and all the oil separated from the cocoa. Maybe there wasn’t enough cream? Does a chocolate fondue need flour to bind the oil, the way a cheese fondue does? I’ll have to look into that further.

Burt Likko

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