More Heroism In Government From A Real Conservative

I’ve said it before — conservatism isn’t really about getting in to peoples’ bedrooms and telling them when and how they can have sex. It isn’t about telling people to go to church or paying for them to do it, and it isn’t about teaching religion in science class.

It’s about being prudent with other peoples’ money and trusting them to be able to take care of themselves. Free people, free markets, limited government.

That’s why Mark Sanford is quickly becoming my new hero. The big question: “Who bails out the ‘bail-outor’?” A good question indeed. Money quote (no pun intended): “We’ve already unloaded truckloads of sugar in a vain attempt to sweeten a lake. Tossing in a Twinkie will not make the difference.

This is the kind of leader we Republicans need.

Burt Likko

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