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  1. I assume "Maria" will be appearing in Argentine Maxim soon.

  2. I thought about this story a lot last night falling asleep and my big issue was that the liberal side may make too big a deal about this…forgetting that next week or very soon, one of theirs will do the same thing. Why haven't we reached the point where even the spin-doctors leave this thing alone or just say, "That's very unfortunate but let's focus on how well he did his job or continues to do his job."

  3. Dave:You forget that the GOP is the party of God and Righteousness, whereas the Democrats are just a bunch of hippies.When the hippies have an orgy it merits a shrug; when the Army of Jesus does it people are going to remark on it.You can't wave the Bible, flaunt your family values and then do the horizontal tango in Buenos Aires. You people made that bed. So to speak.

  4. Michael,I'm for keeping a quiet tally. If they raise a stink, you read off the list of conservatives who have "gotten busy" and watch the wind go out of their sails. But, for people who don't believe in legislating morality, raising a big stink at the moment takes the teeth out of future battles when the righteous go after the next unfaithful social liberal politician.

  5. You know, as political affairs go, this one's actually pretty tame. The hard-right social conservatives are usually the ones who are fooling around with other men or getting dressed up like the Easter Bunny to be drizzled in lemon syrup while their mistress spanks them and reads Lovecraft out loud.But Sanford wasn't really one of those — he paid lip service to them but the proof is in the details of the affair: the sex was pretty boring. Sanford got himself a girlfriend, discretely located in another country far away from the prying eyes of the local press, and with whom does not appear to have fathered a child with her (that we know of yet). He doesn't seem to have been doing any drugs, and there wasn't any weird or kinky stuff going on (that we know of yet) or either paying her for her favors or for her silence (that we know of yet). It was pretty much just regular old boinking. That's how Democrats usually have their extramarital affairs.

  6. I think it was Kathleen Parker pointed out that the story actually got more boring when we knew he was getting laid in Argentina. Up until then our imaginations could run wild. The crazy was the press conference. That's what killed him more than chasing tail. We all understand being a dog. The press conference? That was trippy.

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