The Prayerful Crossword (Updated)

What is the deal with the daily crossword puzzle in the Fish Wrapper?  It has had a smattering of clues and answers recently that reflect the author’s religious biases.  It’s as though the editor is consciously favoring religious players:

September 18, 45-Across:  You won’t find one in a foxhole.  “ATHEIST”.  (Bool-shit.)

October 14, 22-Down:  Lord’s Prayer words following “Thy will be done”.  “ONEARTH”.  (This would be tough for Jewish or Muslim players, too.)

October 20, 3-Down:  Ancestors in Darwin’s theory.  “APEMAN”.  (No, they’re not.)

October 26, 17-Across:  Hymn whose title follows the line, “When I die, Hallelujiah, by and by”.  “ILLFLYAWAY”.  (Having never heard that hymn, I had a great deal of difficulty with this clue.)

October 27, 3-Down:  “Now ___ me down…” “ILAY”.  (A further gripe here — Christian parents of many stripes morbidly force their children to recite, which will either terrify them into not being able to sleep or to inure them to reciting the words of a prayer without really thinking about what they’re saying, neither of which sound like what they really want.)

Point is, the authors are drawing on Christianity prayer and thinking to put together their clues.  October 20 didn’t have to misrepresent evolution, to get “APEMAN” you could have referenced Tarzan or Planet of the Apes.  And September 18’s clue is downright offensive to the many non-theistic members of the military who serve honorably and bravely.

UPDATES:  October 29, 10-Down:  “Heavenly Altar.”  “ARA”.  (Turns out this word has pagan roots.  But I don’t worship Zeus, either.)

November 1, 22-Across: “___ Mater (Hymn)”  “STABAT”.

Burt Likko

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