Weekend Weirdness, Volume IV

Bread will kill you!  Here’s proof.

You might need to know your latitude and longitude.

If you’re one of those social conservatives who has been wondering how it could be that Sarah Palin didn’t stop Obama from being elected President, here’s as plausible an explanation of that, and subsequent events, as I’ve found anywhere.

Ah, the sexy seventies!  NSFW Bow-chicka-ba-bow!  (And these folks have the antidote.)

Exposing the massive fraud that calls itself Daylight Savings Time.  Take that, Ben Franklin!

Is this map of a more rational United States where Will Truman took his inspiration?  (Note that the original did not indicate city locations.)

The Russian Tunnel Of Death — now with a cheery techno soundtrack. (Warning: violates TL’s Rules of Website Design #3 concerning auto-load audio.)

The important lesson to take away from this article is “The male never withdrew from the female when she performed fellatio.”  Oh, they’re so much like people!

If you think clowns are scary, here’s a website to haunt your dreams.  No, not really.  More like, here’s a website to provide you with idle amusement for literally tens of seconds.

Twenty seasons and counting.

Gallows humor.  And a lot of it.  Like using up a lifetime’s worth of good karma in one shot.  Or dying of caffeine consumption.

And to cheer you up, a cute little baby stingray.  No, really.

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  1. Thanks a ton for that map! I'd never seen it before. It's interesting how we moved some of the borders in the same direction. I like some of his/her state names better than the ones I used. I need to update the map anyway and have been thinking of fictionalizing more state names, so I may have to rip that map off (with some attribution, of course).

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