You’d Think This Would Be Enough For Most Guys…

Yes, you’d think that if a heterosexual man was married to ultra-hot Elin Nordegren, had a beautiful child with her, more money than he could ever possibly spend, a worldwide empire built around himself, a gorgeous and expansive home in Florida next to a golf course, and an extraordinarily successful career in which your job was literally to play golf all day, that would be enough to satisfy most guys.

But it turns out, not so much. (warning: link contains bizarre but highly entertaining Japanese animation re-enactments of marital dispute between world famous athlete husband and ultra-hot supermodel wife).

I’m not a divorce lawyer, nor have I ever had an extramarital affair.  So I’m not speaking from experience here.  But it seems to me that most extramarital affairs are not about either sex or love — it seems to me that they’re about ego.  Not ego in the sense of “look what a stud I am that I can sleep with all these people,” but more like ego in the sense of having a partner express admiration and appreciation for you, having someone who is open about enjoying your presence.  And that doesn’t have anything to do with looks, it doesn’t have anything to do with sex, it doesn’t have anything to do with money.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the marriage that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have is actually one of some distance, one in which they are not so very often in physical proximity to one another.  He’s on tour a lot, she’s likely on shoots in various parts of the world a lot.  It doesn’t matter how hot Tiger Woods’ wife is if he never gets to see her.  And in fact, we don’t know what their marriage is really like.  It doesn’t matter how hot Tiger Woods’ wife is if when he gets to see her, he finds her unpleasant to talk to.  Or if one of them doesn’t really enjoy the other’s company.  Sexiness, fame, money — those things are ultimately not nearly as important as being happy together.  Sexiness, fame, and money are irrelevant compared to the things that matter.

I’m really enjoying nightly walks around the neighborhood with The Wife and our dogs.  That’s the sort of thing that builds up a marriage and I’m digging it.  Maybe if Tiger and Elin walked their dogs together more often there wouldn’t have been a scandal at all.

Burt Likko

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  1. Too better understand, view this:"Trop belle pour toi" (1989) (as Gerard Depardieu)… aka "Too Beautiful for You" (USA)

  2. I so love the animations. We have got to start doing this with our news.

  3. I dont think anyone could have said it better because that is exactly what it comes down to. We saw the same thing with Kobe Bryant whos wife to me is up there with Tigers and the mistress was very unpleasant to look at. So i think you conclusion is spot on.

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