Weekend Weirdness, Volume X

To begin this tenth edition of Weekend Weirdness, I give you tens.

Tens of weird commercials.

Okay, “ten half minutes” is really “five minutes” but that didn’t fit into my “ten” motif and I wasn’t going to watch that chicken for ten whole minutes. But, I’ve got a graphical depiction of at least ten ways you can die in the United States, sorted by county.

And ten hot people involved in the Tiger Woods sex scandal.  I don’t care what they say about the Perkins waitress, I think she’s cute.  Bonus in the link — these guys think every song Sarah McLachlan has ever written is about college football which, if you’re obsessed with college football, might not be such a great stretch.  (See, it’s “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,” right?  Her biggest single is all about “Possession.”  How about them lyrics — “Hold on to yourself, ’cause this is gonna hurt like hell” could easily be a threat from a linebacker to a quarterback.)

Burt Likko

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