The Most Efficient Sweetener Around

Why is everything sweetened with high fructose corn syrup?  Because calorie for calorie, it’s the sweetest inexpensive natural sweetener around.  If other kinds of sweeteners were used, products would be more expensive and have more calories.  Not sweetening food products is not an option because sweet products sell better than non-sweet ones.

Nature is responsible for the first rule.  The expensive chemical processes used to refine saccharine, sucralose, and aspartame (which are all much sweeter than natural sugars) are responsible for the second rule.  You, the consumer, are responsible for that last rule.

So if you think that high fructose corn syrup is slowly killing America underneath its own fat, you’re simply wrong.  It isn’t bad for you and if we used other kinds of sweeteners, we’d be even fatter than we already are.  Read all about it at Skeptoid and more at TechSkeptic.

Burt Likko

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