Were We Vaccinated Too Late?

Friday I left work after getting the necessary things done.  Wasn’t feeling right.  No one at your work wants you to be a hero and work through your illness only to infect them, too.  I don’t think the people at my office feel any different about me.

Yesterday we took it easy and stayed home because both The Wife and I were suffering from periodic coughs and sore throats and general ickiness.  The only time we left home was to get more meds at the drug store.  There, for the first time, there were H1N1 vaccinations available, which we got.  But today I feel even worse than I did yesterday.

I’m only kidding in the post title.  Some flu-like symptoms are gratefully absent from the constellation of ailments we suffer and the less said about those the better.  But whatever it is that’s been hanging around my throat for four days is more than welcome to settle up the bill and move on to the next phase of its travels.

Burt Likko

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