Sneezing, Coughing, Choking and Functional

Do you ever get that drop of liquid (no matter what kind) falling into your windpipe?  I had that happen to me in front of my class last night.  Sent me into a coughing, choking fit that lasted five minutes and nearly cost me my voice again.  Humiliating.  The good news is, my new class format seems to be well-received by my students and I am able to work in quite a bit of good information to my lecture despite “teaching to the test.”  The bad news is, one of my students is “talky” and doesn’t understand issues of relevance.  A business law class is not really the place to be discussing Thoreau or Baudelaire.

Do you ever have to sneeze or cough so hard that it causes your muscles in your neck and upper arms to seize up in intense pain?  That happened to me this morning when I was driving in to work.  The coughing hasn’t gone away yet but I can’t afford to take more time away from the office and from court than I have.  It’s not even a matter of being a hero — it’s just plain a matter of keeping up with the press of business.  I’m trying to avoid people here as best I can.  Dancing lessons tonight are not really a good option.

Burt Likko

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