Catching Evidence Of A Spammer

I noticed some spam on an old post.  It was for a dating service by someone posting under the name “University.”  As is my policy, I promptly deleted it.  But I happened to open up the Feedjit window and saw this entry:

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh arrived from on “Not A Potted Plant: Doggie Personal Ads” by searching for personal ads

And there you have it.  The spammer is in India, and did a search for every blogger or blogspot post that used the words “personal ads.”  Not particularly discriminating and he obviously didn’t take the time to read what was in the post or even scrutinize the title.  And this guy has a spambot that can somehow penetrate the word verification feature.

I wonder how much spam I’d get if I didn’t bother to have that filter on the comments.

Burt Likko

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