Pneumonia Asthmatic Bronchitis

After coughing and vomiting fits drove me off the bench while serving as a pro tem judge yesterday, and then literally kept me awake all night, I’m finally forced to concede that I don’t just have some minor crud.  I literally can’t lay down without quickly falling into a coughing fit so painful it feels like a car battery is being applied to my lungs.  My neck and shoulders are sore from coughing and every sneeze and cough send sharp, shooting pains from my neck to my diaphragm.

I need to see a doctor.  My question is whether I have acquired bronchitis or pneumonia, and all I can do right now is hope that my colleagues at work can cover for me while I seek medical attention.

UPDATE:  Turns out it’s asthmatic bronchitis.  I’ve got about five days of antibiotics and an inhaler, and a narcotic-strength syrup to help me sleep (which means it will help The Wife sleep, too), and sleep is much my entire plan until tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a hypodermic injection in my ass before (as an adult) and damn, but it still hurts an hour later.  Take your shots in the arm if you can!  And thanks for all the well wishes in the comments, everyone!

Burt Likko

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  1. I hope it's not bronchitis or pneumonia; it sounds to me like it may be a mix of allergy complications and a cold; it's not unusual at this time of year. Give it another day in bed. Sometimes weather changes can send your body into these types of fits. Especially the vomiting. Hope you feel better.

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