Another Good Government Story

Many people this time of year won’t want to hear this.  But it’s true, it happened to me today, and taken for what it’s worth.  I called the IRS with a question about getting a non-profit corporation’s 501(c)(3) application completed.  The agent I spoke with was polite, well-informed, friendly, responsive, and a genuine pleasure to speak with.  I didn’t even have to wait on hold for very long before being connected.  In fact, it would be fair to say that the IRS gave me the best customer service I’ve had since my Kindle broke.

This should not be taken as evidence of my deep love of the IRS or the Federal Government.  But since I reserve the right to bitch and complain about bad customer service experience, I think it is only fair to also dispense props where they have been earned.  And like it or not, the IRS — an organization with no particular incentive to do so — gave me good customer service.

Burt Likko

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