A Good Excuse To Indulge In Rule Five

Rima Fakih is a very attractive young woman from Michigan who has quite inadvertently held up a looking glass for some people to reveal some very unattractive things about themselves.

Those folks have allowed their heads to publicly asplode when an Arab-American woman won the Miss USA pageant earlier this week.  Now, I have a hard time figuring out just why it is that two years in a row we’ve been paying attention to the Miss USA pageant (last year we found ourselves following the tawdry story of Miss California Carrie Prejean, whose brief career as a prominent opponent of same-sex marriage was aborted by the revelation of a solo sex video).  Donald Trump must have a pretty good PR firm pushing this particular product.

A woman who appears in a beauty pageant and whose job history includes pole dancing is about as fully Westernized as I can imagine.  And she’s, um, really hot, which is a personal attribute that I rather suspect helps when you’re “competing” in a beauty pageant.  (And no, the contents of the previous post most certainly do not indicate that I’ve lost my eye for that sort of thing.)  Nor is she the first Arab-American to have participated and done well in this particular pageant.  So it would seem that there’s nothing to see here, other than a woman who is walk-into-a-pole beautiful and whose ancestors happen to hail from Lebanon.

This, of course, doesn’t stop people from saying astonishingly stupid things and thereby revealing a great deal more about themselves than about the subject of their speech:

No, it’s not “just another beauty pageant.” Donald Trump, Muslims (who mostly support Islamic terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, which features many of Fakih’s close relatives as top officials), and even Barack Obama will exploit this as propaganda for Islam. Mark my word. Hezbollah is laughing at us, tonight. One of its auxiliary members won the Miss USA title without having to do a thing to denounce them and their bloody murder of hundreds of Americans, including the trampling/torture murder of Navy Diver Robert Dean Stethem aboard TWA flight 847, the 25th anniversary of which is next month.
Dhimmi Donald Trump simply didn’t have the guts to demand that Fakih denounce the Islamic group Hezbollah, whose martyrs and top terrorists are Fakih family members. It doesn’t matter to the Donald that this is the terrorist group that murdered more Americans than any other after Al-Qaeda, and probably more, when you count its joint ventures with Hezbollah. Trump made a bigger deal with Miss California USA and her bimbo activities, when–hellooooo–it’s a bimbo contest. Now, Hezbollah has the chief USA bimbo. And they’ll use it.
I don’t just wonder if this whole contest is rigged. I have a feeling that it is. Clearly, there is affirmative action for Muslim women in beauty pageants and other such “contests.”

If that isn’t your speed, how about Michelle Malkin?

She nearly tripped over her gown.
She called birth control a “controlled substance.”
She argued that contraceptives should be covered by health insurers because they are “expensive” — and then said you could get them for “free” from your OB/GYN’s office.
And now she is the new Miss USA.[¶]
Meanwhile, Miss Oklahoma lost out after expressing support for Arizona’s immigration enforcement law and celebrating states’ rights.[¶]
Looks like the Miss USA pageant didn’t want to risk the wrath of the open-borders mob.
Or of that ranting, conservative woman-bashing nutball and former Miss USA judge, Perez Hilton.

And I won’t even reproduce what’s been posted here because it crosses a border of social acceptability* in my judgment.  The appropriate reactions, however, are your choice of 1) shaking your head sadly while turning away, or 2) pointing and laughing.  Meanwhile, I’m going to call these reactions to this bit of page-ten news what they really are — idiotic bigotry.  And I’m going to shamelessly hotlink a picture of a very attractive woman in a bikini in an effort to whore for hits on the blog, where my recent posting inactivity has caused traffic to slow in the past couple of days.

* Admittedly, such a border is ill-defined and subjective, although calling this woman a “Hezbollah monkey” is certainly a part of it.

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  1. You should put her picture up on this post. She's much hotter than the woman headlining the post.

  2. Apologies, Deraj; I thought that was her because the image came up on a search. I didn't want the same picture of her in the white gown or the orange bikini that everyone else has and frankly didn't study the picture too closely. I've remedied the situation and picked a different hotlink.

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