More It Could Never Happen Here

Seeing as any whiff of actual sexuality on the part of our public officials causes a gigantic huff from one circle of voters or another, and based on the actual results, Americans seem to prefer their politicians to be ugly, it’s probably fair to guess that there will never be a pin-up calendar featuring attractive members of Congress for people to enjoy.  This would be an advantage that the Czech Republic has over the United States.  Does this diminish the ability of these politicians to be taken seriously?  Perhaps in the U.S. it would.  I can recall a picture of Sarah Palin from not too long ago thought to be “too sexy” and used in a manner so as to unfairly suggest that she was not worthy of serious political consideration.  What’s more interesting to me, though, is that these women are relatively young; one of the MPs pictured in the Wall Street Jounral slideshow is only 26 years old.  (Since when did the Wall Street Journal have slideshows of sexy Czech politicians?  If you answered, “Since Rupert Murdoch bought it,” you’re correct!)

Burt Likko

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