Not So Sweet Emotion

I will never understand why it is that when I offer someone money to settle a lawsuit, they act as though they’ve been insulted. I can understand a reaction of “No, that isn’t enough.” But I simply can’t comprehend someone saying “F— you too!” when what I just did was try to give away my client’s money.

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Burt Likko

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  1. My guess is that most people sue other people not to recoup costs but to punish. The idea is to publicly humiliate someone who wronged them. In this case, If a settlement is low, you are trying to weasel out of a punishment. But if it is high then you are trying to buy their sense of right and wrong by, from their viewpoint, convincing them to not pursue justice.So its lose-lose 🙁

  2. But your an attorney. No it isn't right or smart to yell at someone who is offering you money. Do they know you might be a judge someday?

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