The Worst President In History

I’m not all that impressed with Barack Obama, either.  But has he really earned Ben Quayle’s attack as “the worst President in history”?  My choice for that label is number fifteen:

As bad as Obama is — the worst deficit spender in history, a statist with no demonstrable commitment to protecting the Constitution, and at the end of the day, an empty suit (albeit a good-looking and intelligent one) — I can at least say for Obama that he hasn’t allowed things to get so bad that people are talking about seceding from the Union if they can’t get their way at the Federal level.

Oh, wait.  Well, not many people are talking about secession.  Outside of the same parts of the country that tried to secede before.  Splitters.

Still, I’d probably be more down with comparing Obama to this fella:

Or, as I’ve done in the past, suggesting that Obama is this generation’s…

And while that’s hardly intended as a compliment, it’s also not the same thing as “the worst President in history.”

Burt Likko

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