Breaking: Favre Seen At Walgreen’s

MANKATO, MINNESOTA — ATSN Exclusive — We have unconfirmed reports that Brett Favre was seen entering a Walgreen’s earlier today in Skyline, Minnesota, and was seen heading towards the “Allergy Remedies” on aisle six.  Repeat, an unconfirmed report that Brett Favre entered a Wallgreen’s drug store, near the Minnesota Vikings’ training camp at Mankato State University, and apparently purchased a Claritin or a similar product.  So far, we have no official reaction from either Favre or the Minnesota Vikings concerning Favre’s health or whether this apparent chronic attack of allergies has any effect on his ability to play.  Also, we have yet to learn what, if anything, Favre ate for breakfast and if this is a repeat of yesterday’s “peppered eggs” sneezing incident.  Our investigation is ongoing.  Stay tuned to ATSN for all your sports news, we’ll keep you up to date!

Burt Likko

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