Peter King Still Made A Good Pick

Sports fans on the Intertubes are by now all familiar with ESPN’s Peter King having predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl as Steelers 33, Packers 27. What’s eerie about it is he did it on September 6, 2010. Simply having picked the teams that far in advance was pretty impressive.

Yes, he had Pittsburgh beating Green Bay, 33-27. But King got within 4 points of the total points scored and expressed serious reservations about Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh was one completion with 54 seconds left on the clock of vindicating King almost completely. King should have expressed more serious reservations about Green Bay than Pittsburgh, as it turned out, but no one could have predicted such an injury-plagued season for the Packers and that Pittsburgh would handle its quarterback suspension issues so well. So it didn’t turn out quite like he predicted. But he got really close and that’s still impressive.

Burt Likko

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