Monday Trivia

What do these celebrities all have in common?

Jim Backus, Kim Basinger, Ed Begley, Jr., Dirk Benedict, Sonny Bono, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Kim Cattrall, Scatman Crothers, Jamie Lee Curtis, Timothy Dalton, Robert Englund, Don Ho, Tommy Lee Jones, Casey Kasem, Bernie Kopell, Craig T. Nelson, Dick Sargent, Cesar Romero, Tom Selleck, Barara Stanwyck, David Ogden Stiers, Robert Urich, Jane Wyman

Burt Likko

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  1. Dan’s first guess is incorrect, much to David Ogden Stiers’ chagrin. No one else wants to play?

  2. Wednesday hint: all of these people did what they did to earn a spot on this list at various times between 1976 and 1981.

    What’s more, I could add to the list René Auberjonois (twice), Bert Convy (once), Anne Francis (twice), David Hedison (twice), Bo Hopkins (twice), Sally Kirkland (twice), Audrey Landers (once), Judy Landers (twice), and Robert Loggia (twice).

    I’ll reveal on Friday unless someone guesses right between now and then.

  3. I cheated and figured it out using the Google. I won’t spoil it for people who might still want to play without cheating.

  4. Does it have to do with the night of the week they were given? (I want to say “Tuesdays”, for some reason.)

    • No, wait. Never mind. The Wednesday hint is a good one…

      They were guest stars?

        • Given the time period, I’d probably guess the Love Boat, but I’d never come up with ‘guest stars’ if Jay hadn’t have said it.

    • It’s inconvenient, but I’ll continue to manually moderate until a solution is found. Somewhat amusingly, I have to moderate even my own comments.

      • It’s good not to trust yourself too much. Prize the doubt!

    • Before he was (the other) Freddy, he was that alien on V.

      “I am just!”

      (It took several conversations before it was hammered out that, no, he was *LOST*. The 80’s were much more fun in retrospect than they seemed to be at the time…)

  5. “The 80′s were much more fun in retrospect than they seemed to be at the time.”


  6. Friday Reveal: All the listed celebrities were guest stars on Charlie’s Angels.

  7. Is it now OK for me to ask if the future Freddy Krueger sported Farrah hair for his appearance?

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