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  1. Here was my first thought:

    Oooh! He’s going down famous battlegrounds from North to South and we’re going to end up in the Falklands or something! I bet that Fenwick Island was a big battleground for the War of 1812!!!

    And, of course, it was not. It’s in freakin’ Delaware.

    So I’ll putter around and try to figure out if I can’t find a picture of the Dalai Lama standing in front of a Confederate Flag or something…

    • You’re quite good at this trivia stuff, Mike Schilling. I shall make it my personal challenge to find one next week that will challenge you more. How well do you do at the Ken Jennings trivia?

      • Never looked at it, to be honest. In fact, at first I thought, “Really, the guy from Scrubs does trivia?

    • Well, OK. I’ll bite. Even after Googling and knowing the right answer, I still don’t get it.

    • Yes. (Admission to the US, anyway. I think only the first 13 really ratified anything, so the answer to yours would be Block Island.)

    • See, it’s very difficult to get obscure enough for you people. That’s what I get undertaking to provide trivia challenges to a community of really smart folks.

  2. If #2 is the Mason Dixon line, should not #1 then be the Transpenisular Line?

    (yes, it’s nitpicky. In my defense, if you spent all week-end doing itemized deductions for the first time in your life, you’d be in a nitpicky mood too 🙂

    • That would have been as accurate, if not moreso — but it would have made it too easy. Fortuitously, the town of Fenwick Island is right on the southern border of Virginia and Delaware, as is the town of Delmar — but again, I didn’t want to give it away too easily. By picking a town, a reference to something of historical significance, and a seemingly unremarkable geographic feature, I hoped to cause some confusion.

      While we’re on the subject of southernmost points, I found that Cape Alghunas is almost exactly at 20 degrees east latitude, but I could not find remarkable geographic features at every ten or twenty degree intervals to make a “latitude list.”

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