Interesting Photography On Display In Lower Manhattan

The “Ground Zero Mosque,” which we were all told fourteen months ago was intended to celebrate the mighty victory of Islam over the conquered lands of North America and induced, otherwise known by its wink-wink code name of Park51, opened for business on Monday. Actually, the Muslim worship space had been accomodating worshippers for quite some time before that, but a photography exhibit is what actually opened its doors, to what appears to be moderate interest and little fanfare.

Oh noes, the terrorists have won, and nobody even bothered to notice! Fourteen months ago, this was the hottest topic here on these Intertubes and people were practically wetting themselves, it made them all so upset, and people who are today running for high public office distinguished themselves by their eagerness to ignore the spirit if not the letter of the Constitution because of this.

But … look. There hasn’t been an entry at the “” blog since February. Far from being a triumphal mosque, this place actually looks like it’s only of moderate interest to anyone; its opening got the electronic equivalent of a below-the-fold mention on page 6. The better angels of our nature have been vindicated — by apathy. Perhaps this is as it ought to be.

Burt Likko

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