Driving The Riverside

A few days ago I listed Mike McClure’s “Foam” album as one of the greats (as an album). Then a little later, I mentioned my short tenure as a courier for the US Census Bureau. As luck would have it, I took a video from the latter and put music from the former to it. So, for your enjoyment:

I got paid $10 plus fifty cents a mile to make this drive between 3 and 7 days a week. While it didn’t make me rich, it was a pretty good gig. If I’m going to sit on my rear and consume entertainment anyway, I might as well get paid for it, right? I made it through five books from the Jason Bourne series, as well as making strong headway into Tom Clancy’s works.

I’d actually signed up to do the door-to-door stuff (I didn’t know they were hiring couriers). I got 100% on the test they gave me, which may have put me in line for what I consider to be a better job. Or, perhaps because I was late signing up, I got what they considered to be a lesser job.

Ultimately, though, it was a waste of taxpayer money. My job was to deliver documents to two handoff points, but I almost never had anything to deliver except my timesheet. So I was essentially being paid to deliver the document that made sure I got paid.

As for the video, I didn’t intend to actually use the song “Flood,” but I couldn’t resist with the rain and all.

Will Truman

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    • Glad you like it! I’m obviously a fan. If you are interested in a CD, I’d recommend “Everything Upside Down.” It’s not as albumesque as Foam, but it’s a collection of really good songs that McClure had on the backburner while he was the frontman for The Great Divide. When he was moving away from country music and TGD wasn’t.

  1. friend of mine forwarded this to me. thanks for the props. send me your address and I will send you one of my new ones. no charge in honor of your exquisite taste.

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