Monday Trivia #53

Descenting order: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Alabama, DC, North Carolina, Nebraska, Florida, Delaware, Tennessee, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Oregon, Minnesota, Vermont, North Dakota, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Maine, Maryland, Arkansas, Illinbois, Missouri, Kansas, Washington, Louisiana, Kentucky, Colorado, New York, New Mexico, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Jersey, Utah, and Montana.

Georgia sits at the national average.

Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.


    • I don’t think so – NJ’s property taxes are something like 40% higher per capita than any other state in the country, and the average tax rates are, IIRC, also the highest or second highest in the country.

      Any trivia question in which CT leads the list and NJ nearly brings up the rear is going to be pretty interesting, though. I’m struggling to think of anything where that kind of spread would make sense.

      • Gas taxes would explain that spread, on further reflection, but New York is way too low for that to be the answer.

      • I was really shocked to see NJ at the bottom of this list. I would have been a bit surprised at New York, too, though my investigation into finding the numbers tipped me off.

      • And once again, California isn’t an outlier. I resent Will’s plot to make us seem normal.

    • Will did you mean descending order instead of descenting? or are the States more odorless as you go down the list?

  1. Wednesday Hint: I believe that most people here at LoOG would agree that this is a list you do not want to be at the bottom of (I can’t think of anyone that has advocated less…). People not from around here, however, have no problem being at the bottom.

    • That makes me think of some educational measure, but I can’t think of any such that would have Iowa and Mississippi in such proximity.

        • Surely not as straightforward as life expectancy?

          The idea of it being health related just seems to be at odds with your claim that some non-Leaguers don’t mind being at the bottom…who is comfortable being at the bottom of any health statistic?

          People covered by health insurance plans?

          • who is comfortable being at the bottom of any health statistic?

            People the medical community is very, very frustrated with.

  2. Okay, at the bottom we’ve got a bunch of mountain west states, with New York and New Jersey thrown in. So I’m thinking it’s something that disproportionately affects white people. And if it’s related, somehow, to population density…

    Genital herpes?

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