Last night Mrs. Likko and I Netflix’ed this charmingly silly creature feature. It was the second highly enjoyable Norwegian movie I’ve seen this year. The film winked along with the audience without being ironic about it. Against initially worrisome opening scenes, this movie turned out not to be the Norwegian Blair Witch Project; it was much better, and better-made, than Blair Witch. It showed some really beautiful scenery in Norway, and it has a cameo from the actual Prime Minister, talking about trolls! If you, like me, have a taste for cheesy low-budget science fiction movies, this is a fine evening’s rental.

Burt Likko

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  1. Had that one on the queue for the longest time, tried it out last month. Didn’t get very far, it might still have been in Blair Witch mode when I stopped (got a good laugh, though, when the big guy screamed “TROLL!” as he ran out of the forest). I’ll give it another go on your say-so and because their PM must be a real coolster.

    • Aw, that was right when it started to get good! Sounds like you never actually got to see the trolls. They’re cheesy, over-the-top, and awesome.

      • No, I did see the trolls — that’s when I cut out; in fact, I almost described them as “cheesy” in the first comment but didn’t want to insult any Icelanders. Maybe I’m not the target audience.

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