Bill Murray On Tonight’s VP Debate

I’ll be honest. I played Fallout: New Vegas through the entire debate tonight. Had a lot of fun. I felt my time was better spent hunting mutants in the Mojave wasteland. Bill, can you explain to the group why I might do such a thing?

Thanks, that’s it exactly. See, both Biden and Ryan are clearly capable of the ordinary sorts of duties of a Vice-President. Help out as needed, chat up some Senators or go to a funeral overseas or do a meet and greet with the Chacalawa Lake Chamber of Commerce delegation. Stuff like that.

See, I don’t particularly want to see another Dick Cheney. I want POTUS to be able to remove anyone subordinate to him if need be. The VP is the only person in an Administration who can’t be treated that way, so I don’t want the VP to hold a lot of meaningful power unless the Senate deadlocks at 50-50. I’ve been happy enough with Biden being mostly blended into the background and I’d expect that’s where Obama would keep him in a second term. And it would really be up to President Romney to define a role for VP Ryan, and at this point Romney is not in a good position to have given that a whole lot of thought in the first place. He has other things on his mind right now.

Biden and Ryan need only demonstrate sufficient ability to hold down the fort should they have to actually step up to the top spot for some reason which of course we all hope would never happen. Both pass this, the only meaningful threshold for a Vice-President. The rest is empty rhetoric, could only have been.

I’ll watch Obama and Romney again next week. They matter.

In the meantime, a night of cheesy country music juxtaposed over video game gunfights with silly bad guys was just fine. And I’m starting to get the hang of playing caravan.

Burt Likko

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  1. I culled my deck of all 2-5 cards and, whenever one was available, I bought an 8, 9, or 10 from a dealer. I used the face cards and aces to wreak havoc on my opponent (well, not the queens, I used those for buffering my own mistakes). Whenever you have an opening hand and you say “crap, I can’t believe I got a (whatever)”, just remove the whatever from your deck.

    If your opponent throws a king on a card higher than a 6 and you have a king, throw a king on top of his king! Hilarity ensues!

  2. I wouldn’t say that electing a perpetual liar to the highest office in the Land would be a good idea…
    I would not have voted for Yasser Arafat, ya know?

  3. I watched “Project Runway.” It was such a lame, blatant filler episode that I almost wished I’d watched the debate instead.


  4. I played Fallout: New Vegas through the entire debate tonight.

    That is a disgrace. I just have two words for you: Justin Verlander.

    • I am sorry I missed that performance. But I gotta be honest — if I was going to have watched sports instead of played a video game, I’d have almost certainly watched the Flaming Thumbtacks upset the Steelers.

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