I needed to take my computer to court today so as to present evidence for a client who had figured out how to make a movie of their phone playing voice mail but not how to transmit this to a portable audio device. So they sent me the mp4 of their phone and said “Yeah, that’s our evidence.” On the way to court the pins on the connector between the laptop body and its monitor snapped and the thing bent and locked in place.

The things I do for my clients, I tell ya. Are they grateful? No, they don’t care at all.

So I’m working off my Kindle Fire right now. Inferior computing power and inferior utility for much more than playing games. Blogging is MURDER on my CTS. Money is a bit tight at the moment so it’ll be a while until I can replace the computer. What I want to know is whether the Surface Tablet, the one that will run Office and Windows 8, will meet my needs.

Until then, it’s a lot of one finger tapping.

Burt Likko

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  1. Hey Burt – no personal experience, but BoingBoing aggregates some reviews here:

    Looks like a cool concept. We bought a Kindle Fire when they came out, but were given an iPad the following month as a gift – and since then, the Fire has just gathered dust, it’s just not that useful to us, compared to the iPad :-(.

  2. Would business insurance pay for the laptop? (Not that it gets you a fixed laptop right this moment, of course.)

    • They’ll be happy to sell you laptop insurance. The deductible is $5K, of course.

  3. An update: I’m just going to replace it. Thanks to everyone who offered me loaners.

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