I’ve Actually Watched Some Television Recently

1. What’s up with your objectively incorrect voting for The Voice, America? Did you somehow forget to vote for Amanda Brown? She’s got major pipes, she rocks and she croons and she shows soul and emotion, and unlike any of the contestants left, she fills the void left by Whitney Houston’s demise, she smiles like she’s having fun when she’s performing. And she’s every bit as hot as Cassadee Pope. Sure, I like Nicholas and his baby-making music but Amanda Brown should have won it all. As I understand it, though, she’s already getting a recording contract going.

2. Poaching Huntress from Batman and making her a foil to Oliver Queen in Arrow was a really good idea: not evil, but too dangerous to be an ally. I get the slow burn of Green Arrow having to root out corruption within his own family (and the backstory the writers retconned for Huntress is a nice counterpoint to that). All the rich people are pretty, but they’re boring. The show needs a good villain and the writers burned through Deadshot early on. China White is not turning out to be interesting: she’s just a gang leader with some ninja skillz, but no personality yet. No, the villain does not have to be Oliver’s best friend Merlyn, whose transformation into a super-villain is moving way too slowly for my taste — when is Merlyn going to quit being Oliver’s mopey girlfriend-remora, and ninja up so we can get some good duels going?

3. At first, I wondered why it is that every damn night I get a blast of mockery aimed at Fox News on The Daily Show. But I guess the writers there figured, “Fish it, if they’re dishing up this much raw material, we may as well use it.” The interviews have also been quite good recently, especially Chris Christie and Cory Booker, even if John Stewart is much feistier with Republicans than he is with Democrats — the Republicans do still get a reasonable chance to express themselves. If anything, I want more interview time, and fewer bits after the opening monologue.

Burt Likko

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  1. “If anything, I want more interview time, and fewer bits after the opening monologue.”

    I haven’t watched it as much as I used to, but they seem to do almost a majority of the interviews now over two segments vice one (with additional footage sometimes at the website). And far fewer celeberties and far more people that write books of all kinds.

    • What they also seem to do a lot fewer of is ‘ambush’ news segments in the middle (and replace them with more interview time). Though that could be as much as a business decision as an editorial decision.

      • Yeah, the ambush segments are not really all that funny anymore anyway. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan kind of killed that by doing it into the ground, I think.

    • Many or even most of the interviews have longer version on the website.

  2. A quick glance at their photographs gives me a reason to think the voting results are as they are on “The Voice”. And it certainly ain’t the voice, if you catch my drift.

      • One of those people is not like the others. And not just because she is now watching from home.

        • I’ve also never seen the show, or most other reality singing shows, so I’m only offering up my theory as a possibility based on a cursory glance at people named. I might be, and hopefully am, wrong.

        • Ah. I catch your meaning now. And there is more evidence congruent with this hypothesis, as another remarkable singer I had pegged as a finalist, Trevin Hunte, was sent home, too.

          • I thought of it in part because just yesterday a friend was lamenting that an AI contestant undeservedly came in second because he was either out as being gay or highly “suspected” of being so. Adam Lambert, I think? I’d been thinking about possible biases, conscious or otherwise, that might factor into shows like these. But, again, we’d need a larger data set and a better assessor of vocal talent.

  3. As a longtime Huntress fan, I was thrilled to see her inclusion. I thought they did it reasonably well. They ditched her origin, but the comics themselves seem to do that every two or three years. I wish the arc had lasted longer than it did, however. My only complaint about the show so far is that… well it’s a CW show with all that entails.

  4. I recently purchased the completed Star Treck DS9 series. It’ll keep me watching TV for a while duing my workouts. Other than that, and Burn Notice, and some misc. food network stuff, I’m not watching anymore crap. And I’m tired of wading through it to find the gems.

  5. Now that I’ve seen the “mid-season finale” and I see my concerns for Arrow are being met nicely. I just complained too early, let down by the writers apparently letting go of Huntress. Super-villain Merlyn looks like he’s going to be pretty cool after all. And not quite what I’d expected, either.

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