Monday Trivia, No. 92 (Rod Engelsman wins!)

Brunei, Cameroon, Cuba, Czech Republic, Haiti, Samoa, and Sudan share an unusual distinction, which separates them from every other nation on Earth. What is it?

Burt Likko

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  1. Something about being the western part of a larger previous entity? (In some way that excludes Ireland and Ukraine.)

  2. Tuesday hint: As far as I know, every country has something like this, but these seven countries’ is coincident with something else. Congratulations to Brunei, Cameroon, Cuba, Czech Republic, Haiti, Samoa, and Sudan!

    • This is correct — an independence day or other national holiday on January 1. Czech Republic celebrates its independence from Slovakia (as Slovaks celebrate their independence from the Czechs, no hard feelings).

  3. So the independence of the czech republic is not the same as the independence of Slovakia? arem’t both “independent” from Czechoslovakia?

      • One celebrates the day the independence resolution was approved, the other the day it became effective.

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