Monday Trivia, No. 98 (Rod Engelsman wins!)

What links more than half of the state of Indiana (by land area), Paul the Evangelist, Tony Blair, the entire country of Grenada, Alicia Keys, Pomona College, Bo Diddley’s iconic song Who Do You Love?, the 1950 New York Yankees, Julius Caesar’s only known son, and the number 211?

Burt Likko

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  1. The new Nicholas Cage movie, The Bilderberg Conspiracy II: Bigger & Bilderberger?

  2. It’s true that each entry is at least referred to in Wikipedia. The judges were aiming for something a bit more specific than that.

  3. The little voice in the back of my head that runs the filing department says “Egypt”, but I have no real idea why.

  4. Tuesday hint: Alicia Keys is in there for something she’s done very, very recently. Paul the Evangelist, not so much. But the critical clue is Pomona College.

  5. It’s the number 47. I haven’t figured out where the number figures into some of the clues, but Superbowl 47, Caesarion was born in 47BC, Pomona College has a weird thing about the number 47.

    • This is like a scavenger hunt. I think 211 is linked to 47 by both being prime.

      Still working on the rest…

      • I started to notice a few number links (17 came up in several places as well), but nothing had a very convincing link to 211. “both primes” is a bit of a reach.

        • It’s the 47th prime if I counted right. And Tony Blair was the prime minister.

    • More than half of the territory within the state of Indiana is assigned a set of ZIP codes beginning with the numbers 47.

      Paul the Evangelist’s ministry began in AD 47.

      Tony Blair was the 47th person to serve as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

      Grenada’s area code is 473.

      Alicia Keys sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XLVII.

      Bo Diddley’s iconic song Who Do You Love? includes the bragging line “I walked forty-seven miles of barbed wire.”

      The 1950 New York Yankees won the 47th World Series.

      Julius Caesar’s only known son was born in 47 BC, to his lover Cleopatra VII.

      As noted above, 211 is the 47th prime number.

      Pomona College is where the mystical significance of the number 47 was first noted by subject matter experts, and continues to sponsor an ongoing (tongue-in-cheek) society dedicated to appreciating occurrences of the number 47 in culture and nature.

      • And Caesarion’s real father was Titus Pullo, who had an IQ of XLVII.

        • Man, Rome was awesome. Used to be the second-best HBO series, but now after GoT, it’s third.

          Still not a bad place to be (and better than Sopranos and Deadwood! Yeah, I said it!)

          • Ugh, I wish I could edit that comment.

            I was just thinking, the word “awesome” is getting a little overused around here, and look what I did. 🙁

          • Rome was great fun, but IMHO can hardly be mentioned in the same breath as Deadwood or The Wire. And it’s interesting how Oz is almost completely forgotten (just as well, considering that they named the Nazi.)

          • Nah, Rome is below the Wire (my #1) but above Deadwood. Milch writes great dialogue but his plotting’s meandering & meh. And though there were some great performances (McShane, McRaney, Sanderson, Dourif) there were also some really grating ones (Olyphant, most of the females, sadly).

            I never really watched Oz. Too depressing (says the guy who loves The Wire).

          • Oz was a Tom Fontana show, and it has a lot of the same faults (as well as a lot of the same cast) as the later seasons of Homicide, in particular that the man can’t do a story arc to save his life.

          • Do you watch Justified? I love Olyphant there as much as I disliked him on Deadwood. He’s really funny. It helps that the show’s writers try hard to emulate Elmore Leonard. It’s basically a modern western, with all of the trouble that entails. It’s not really acceptable to be a Bullock in 2013 America.

            I loved Homicide when it was on – but after I finished The Wire, I tried to do a Homicide re-watch, and it just paled too much next to Wire (“it was TV, not HBO”). I stopped after a few eps.

          • I watched all of Homicide (I think I’ve mentioned this completeness obsession before) on DVD. The first two seasons, when it was a summer-replacement series and used material from David Simon’s book [1] were awesome. After that, it got worse pretty much every year.

            1. You should read the book.

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