Who Loves You?

My wife and I had our Valentine’s activities earlier this week as is our custom. Or so I thought. My wife, the darling that she is, bought me an immersion blender as a present and made the card depicted to the left. Because she knows I enjoy Dr. Who (even though it took me about an entire season’s worth of shows before I really started to enjoy Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor). Now I’ve got to hop to it this weekend to reciprocate!

Burt Likko

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  1. I am actually rather proud of myself this V-Day. After Clancy went to work, I quickly scrambled up a shopping list and made dinner for her.

    Now, a bit of backstory… I don’t typically cook. Not the meals she likes. It’s not that I refuse, just that it’s not something that has ever interested me and every “You should teach me what to do” ends up getting put off indefinitely.

    So I scrambled without the first clue of what I was doing. Apparently you kind of have to smash garlic to get it to break apart. I learned that by googling it on my phone.

    Anyway, she was extremely happy about it. The best Valentine’s Day since… well, last year, when the pregnancy test came up positive.

    • Good job, chef Will! As you probably now know, the heavy steel chef’s knife works best for crushing garlic cloves out of their skins. And if you’re like me (and I strongly suspect in this respect that you are) it’s a deeply satisfying thing to cook for your wife.

      • the heavy steel chef’s knife works best for crushing garlic cloves out of their skins

        Though in a pinch you can use your phone for that too.

  2. Junior made me a bracelet that is actually kind of cute. This year is also the first year his language skills are strong enough to say “happy balentimes day, mommy” while handing over his homemade gift. I almost cried.

  3. I just worked a bit later yesterday because of last-minute stuff that came up. I might need to (but probably not) work this weekend as well.

    /The sad trombone of the urban bachelor starting his professional career.

    • Welcome to the practice of law. That sort of thing never goes away.

      Hopefully soon, you will begin to accumulate practice in explaining this sort of thing to your S.O.

      • My dad works long hours in the week but he also seems to be able to take random Fridays off in the summer. Then again, he is the boss.

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